I was surprised that the floating motion of the balloon was so relaxing. Bob explained everything as I just took in the awesome view.

Sharon F. 

The flight was awesome. Stacy and I enjoyed it very much.

Dan E. 

We went on our first ride on June 1st...what an adventure. Bob, Todd and the crew were the best!!! We will be back.

Marion R. 

Thanks the crew for a great ride, and a very smooth landing for my 1st flight last night at the Chester County festival.

Michelle H. 

The experience was both exhilarating and relaxing. An additional treat was the opportunity to interact with an Amish family in the field where we landed. Wow!!

Priscilla S. 

We had an absolutely beautiful Saturday evening balloon ride. Bob and Todd were true professionals with extensive knowledge of ballooning. What a unique and captivating experience!

Diane G.