Our Amish Neighbors

Our Amish Neighbors

Are you wondering how the Amish react to a balloon landing in their field. They love it!

Amish children love nothing more than the sight of a glorious hot air balloon drifting over the fields. With no television to watch and living by humble means, their entertainment sometimes comes in the form of a hot air balloon. The children wave and run after the balloon. Their laughter can be heard from afar. New Horizon Balloon Team has a candy bucket to offer them candy. The pilot and crew also often offer the family a tether ride in the balloon at the completion of a flight as thanks for allowing a safe landing on their farm. Tethering is when the balloon is anchored and rises only so far up in the air and then back down. The children will typically shout and giggle at such an experience. Although tempting, passengers should not take pictures of the Amish without permission.

Amish people are positive about the ballooning experience, loving to fly in the balloon as much as anyone else. Friendly to New Horizon Balloon Team and the passengers, the Amish like to welcome visitors to Lancaster County. It does not violate their religious practices to enjoy movement in a vessel without an engine. The landowners don’t mind hot air balloons landing on their property as long as the team seeks permission, is respectful, does not scare the animals, and does not do any damage to crops ready for harvest.

Amish people are often the ones booking flights for a balloon ride. They usually help with packing up the balloon when the experience is over, whether or not they fly. They often spend time talking with the team and passengers too.

It’s a fantastic time for everyone. Nothing brings people together from all directions and from all walks of life like a hot air balloon, one of the oldest and safest forms of travel. So book a flight now and fly over beautiful Lancaster County. Smile with the Amish at this wondrous experience.